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MY FAIRY GODMOTHER; The Q-Bit Conspiracy (Feature screenplay; family action/adventure)

A nerdy teenage girl, her two younger siblings, and their mysterious godmother, a crippled former Special Forces operative they believed was dead, unwittingly find a stolen, artificial intelligence-enhanced quantum computer and are suddenly on the run from its thief, a corrupt CIA chief, who seeks to profit from its near-limitless power.

Previously under a “shopping agreement” with an executive who works with a Warner Bros. based production company, but funding fell through.  Now unencumbered.

Quarterfinalist (top 10%); PAGE International Screenwriting Awards; Family Category 2014

SANDI CLAUS (Feature screenplay; family fantasy; aka Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas)

Just because Santa Claus is known the world over as “Father Christmas” doesn’t mean he’s the perfect father to his own daughter, who dreams of being a fantastical singing star rather than working in the “family business.”

Currently under option with Magic Elevator LLC; Producer Berenika Bailey.  Optioned - May, 2014.  Being packaged for presentation to financiers, June-July, 2014.  Package out to financiers, August, 2014

Top Five Finalist; The Movie Deal Screenwriting Contest 2009, Fantasy/Animation category.

Top Ten Finalist; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2009; Family Film category (top 2% of 4400 entries).

Top Ten; The Movie Deal Screenwriting Contest 2008; Fantasy/Animation category

Top Ten; Writers On The Storm Screenplay Contest 2007 (996 total entries)

Top Ten; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards; Family Film category, (2007 as Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas)

Finalist; Bluecat Screenwriting Lab Competition (2007)

Top Ten; Screenplay Festival 2006, Family category

PRINCESS REBORN (Feature Screenplay; Family sci-fi action/adventure)

The edgy but inspiring tale of a 12 year-old girl, wrestling with the onset of strange super-abilities, who discovers that her “normal” mother is actually an alien princess and ex-superhero, and that together they are the world’s only hope against Mom’s old alien nemesis, who has returned with his private army of ghouls to seek domination and revenge.

PREVIOUSLY OPTIONED PROPERTY; The Matt Chapman Company LLC; Producer Matt Chapman

Quarterfinalist - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards; Family category 2014 (ongoing)

Published as a graphic novel series by Zeta Comics of Toronto, Canada; available on Amazon, etc.

WINNER; The Movie Deal Screenwriting Contest 2008; Family category

Finalist; WildSound Feature Screenwriting Contest; Spring 2009

Finalist; BlueCat Screenwriting Lab Competition (2007)

Finalist; Award-Winning Screenwriters' Contest (2007)

Finalist; Screenplay Festival; Family Film Category (2005, 2006)

Top Ten; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, Family Film Category (2005)

MALLED (feature screenplay, published novel; neo-gothic horror/thriller)

A vengeful young genius sabotages a new supermall in a murderous plot to wreak vengeance on his friends’ killers, but must rethink everything when he reconnects with a girl whose life he saved and they fall in love.   

Top 3 Finalist, Horror/thriller category; Best Overall Scene; The Scriptathon Screenwriting Contest 2012

Quarterfinalist; Horror/thriller category, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2012

Top 20% - Nicholl Fellowships In Screenwriting 2012

Published as an award-winning novel (Malled; A Tale of Revenge) by Short On Time Books, Florence, Arizona; May 2013

ASTEROID Au (feature screenplay; family sci-fi action/adventure)

In the early days of the first great mining rush in the Asteroid Beltway, a young woman, encumbered with her fractured family, must find her grandfather’s secret asteroid of gold before an outlaw gang, a corrupt cop, and an unscrupulous businessman find it and use it to overturn the Earth’s economy.

Quarterfinalist - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2013 (family category)

Top 20% - Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2013.

MONKEY WRANCH (feature screenplay, future novel; family romantic comedy; live-action/cgi animation)

An unemployed executive and her pre-teen year-old daughter capture an infamous pair of bumbling bank robbers with the help of a troupe of performing primates.

Semi-finalist; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2012; Family category

Has been accepted for publication in novelized form by Short On Time Books; Florence, Arizona

KRISTY’S SECRET (TV movie screenplay, treatment; family holiday rom-com with music)

An adopted young woman struggles to become the singer she’s always wanted to be, unaware that she’s really the daughter of Santa Claus.

This script was originally written specifically at the request of a producer with a Canadian TV movie company from a treatment I’d given her, but the actual deal with the company later fell through.

THE GODS MUST BE HORNY! (aka ATLANTA FROM OLYMPUS; Teen/family Romantic Comedy/Fantasy)

A gorgeous teen-age runaway from the planet of the original Greek gods finds love with a geeky Earth guy and also an unlikely aphrodisiac that solves an ancient mystery.

Top 3 Finalist and Best Title; Scriptathon Screenwriting Contest 2010, Comedy category 

Top 3 Finalist; Exposurama Screenwriting Contest, Family category; 2010

Semi-Finalist; Writers On the Storm Screenplay Contest; 2009

Semi-Finalist; Screenplay Festival; Family category; 2009


MIDNIGHT PRINCESS (aka Hidden Talents; TV Pilot/series concept, Tween/family sci-fi adventure, based on my novel Hidden Talents; Ginah’s Journals)

A 13 year-old girl struggles to cope with growing up while also learning to deal with the other-worldly powers (and other-worldly enemies) that she’s inherited from her estranged father, an alien king on a faraway planet.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2010, TV Drama Pilot Category

Runner-up; TVMe TV Concept Contest, Sarasota County, FL Film Commission, Series Division, 2010

Semi-Finalist; The Movie Deal Screenwriting Contest 2009, TV Pilot category.

Quarter Finalist; PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2009 (top 10% of 4400 total entries).  TV Drama category.

Honorable Mention; The Movie Deal 2008, TV Pilot category; (top 150 of 1100 entries.

"Lee Tidball's HIDDEN TALENTS is a marvelous science fiction story about a delightful and engaging junior high school student who suddenly develops superpowers... and learns her long-lost father is from an alien planet.  Tidball's not just a talented writer who has an ear for how teens really talk and think -- his years as a popular schoolteacher have put him on the inside track to know exactly what they'll watch.  I can't recommend this charming script highly enough."  Marc Scott Zicree, Hugo-nominated writer-producer-director, STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION, SLIDERS, DEEP SPACE NINE, BABYLON FIVE. 

TIDBITS (children’s 1/2 hour animated action-comedy adventure)

The wild and zany adventures of three tiny alien children with magical powers (Tidbits) and their sick grandfather who live under the foundation of a 2nd grade school classroom.

Concept art available. 

Quarterfinalist - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, Half-hour TV comedy category

Has been presented to a couple major cable networks.

Lee's love for telling exciting, edgy, family-orientated stories stems from his "day job" of teaching 6th graders, an occupation that plunges him each day into the midst of the current tween/teen/family scene.  This experience gives him unique perspectives into what works in family entertainment and also gives his writing an uncommon genuineness and authenticity.